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Return of the New Shopping Center

Posted in Development Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues, New Urbanism, Retail Industry Issues
For quite a while there has been very few new shopping centers being developed. Many people may have even questioned whether there would ever be any new significant shopping centers. Apparently, times have changed. In rapid succession, I have been engaged to do the lease up of two brand new, big time, large scale shopping… Continue Reading

All In One !

Posted in Mixed Use Development Issues
Watch the above video of the Flix Brewhouse concept.  Flix Brewhouse solves the age old date night dinner and a movie dilemma !  It is the one stop entertainment solution for an evening of theater, drinks and dinner.  The concept is simple: first run movies, fresh craft beers brewed on the premises and casual dining.… Continue Reading

Just Add Water

Posted in Development Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues
Recently, at a conference in Santiago, Chile, I had the opportunity to meet Fernado Fishmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons, and to learn about how Crystal Lagoons is transforming real estate projects around the globe.  The concept came to Mr. Fishmann, a biologist turned real estate developer,  when trying to come up with a solution to turn around a… Continue Reading

Cincinnati Central Business District

Posted in Development Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues, New Urbanism
There has been much written of late about how Central Business Districts (CBDs) are the key to regional economic health, growth and sustainability.   We have written in the past about new urbanism concepts and concerns such as walkability and density. We have also written about the benefits of practical public transportation.   As I walk through the… Continue Reading

Some Good News About Empty Big Boxes

Posted in Leasing Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues, Retail Industry Issues
The current economic downturn and the corresponding contraction of the retail sector have resulted in a glut of vacant “big-box” retail stores in shopping centers across the country. Vacant big-box spaces pose special challenges for landlords and communities. While the number of vacant big-box spaces is daunting, there are glimmers of hope as landlords and… Continue Reading

Mixed Use Centers – How Do You Allocate CAM?

Posted in Leasing Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues, Retail Industry Issues
Almost all new build shopping centers are mixed use – they include some combination of office and residential in addition to the retail space. Elizabeth Hamilton, in house Real Estate Counsel at Office Depot, recently reminded me of the special problem this presents in allocating CAM, taxes and insurance. Some portion of each must be allocated to… Continue Reading

Mix It Up! Mixed-Use Condominium Developments Can Be Rewarding for Developers

Posted in Condominiums, Development, Development Issues, Mixed Use Development Issues
“Mixed-use” developments, which incorporate residential units with retail or other commercial uses, have steadily gained in popularity over recent years. This is due to the fact that mixed-use developments offer advantages to developers, owners, tenants and residents when compared to traditional single-purpose developments. Many of today’s home buyers are increasingly interested in living within walking distance… Continue Reading