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Parking as a Scarce Resource

Posted in Commuting, Development Issues, Environmental Issues, New Urbanism, Transportation
In the 2011 book The High Cost of Free Parking Professor Donald Shoup thoughfully walks the reader through the history of parking in the United States into the present situation in which we find ourselves.  Everyone wants a free parking space; but as Professor Shoup explains, there is no such thing as a ‘free" parking [&hellip… Continue Reading

Next Hot Industry Sector

Posted in Retail Industry Issues, Transportation
TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICTS, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGMENT,  INTERMODEL, TRUCKING, TRAINS, SHIPPING ok, you get it.  As the economy wakes up goods being moved around the country need to make their way to ports, factories and consumers.  Opportunities abound for projects and developers if they are poised to take advantage of the logistics and supply chain sectors of the [&hellip… Continue Reading