I was recently in the offices of the FBI Cincinnati Division attending the FBI Citizens’ Academy program, and it made me think about a leasing opportunity (in addition to thinking about what an awesome job our FBI really does and how dedicated and effective are our FBI professionals).  The recent economy has resulted in higher vacancies for our commercial properties and less demand for the resulting vacant space.  In a general sense, our government has stepped in as consumer to invigorate the economy.  Maybe our government also represents an opportunity for the commercial real estate market. The government has to occupy space, whether by lease or purchase.  I have represented a landlord who leased space to a governmental office (a state judge), and there are several issues that arise which are not present on a typical retail or office lease.  For example, the background of the Landlord becomes an issue, there are restrictions on the parties the Landlord hires at the site and the terms of such engagements, security is extra important and the tenant may require the right to terminate if its budget is changed.  In addition, certain government offices may not be desirable in a a multi-tenant property.  So while the government may be an opportunity,  be mindful of their needs and the costs to comply with the same.