Walmart has opened its supercenters in many if not most urban and rural communities.  Where do they go next ?  With the over abundance of strip store space just about everywhere Walmart has many options.  Walmart is embracing the concept of ‘in-flll" with three concept store formats with which they are experimenting:


  1. Walmart Express:  15,000 square foot small store concept with a variety of product assortment;
  2. Walmart Market:     25,000-70,000 square foot grocery and home goods focused stores;
  3. Walmart on Campus:  3,300 square foot stores with product assortments geared to the needs of students (cross between a Walgreen’s and a Staple’s).

Expect to see Walmart and its competitors rolling out stores as they fine tune these concepts.  Will communities embrace these stores or tighten zoning and use rules and regulations ?  As we have written in prior posts, retail is going to re-tool and re-define itself;  developers and lenders take note.