Recently, at a conference in Santiago, Chile, I had the opportunity to meet Fernado Fishmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons, and to learn about how Crystal Lagoons is transforming real estate projects around the globe.  The concept came to Mr. Fishmann, a biologist turned real estate developer,  when trying to come up with a solution to turn around a troubled real estate project. Mr. Fishmann reasoned that if you can not bring the project to the beach, bring the beach to the project. Through the use of propriatary technology and algorythems, Mr. Fishmann has been able to enhance the value of real estate projects where previously a poor location could have dictated poor returns. A crystal lagoon is not a large swimming pool; it is a man-made ecosystem managed telemetrically from a central control center operated by Crystal Lagoons.

Imagine, transforming a stalled real estate project in the Midwest into a regional vacation destination by just adding water; or developing a functional beach for the residents of a residential subdivision in the middle of corn fields.  The idea is to bring recreational beaches to real estate projects anywhere.  If the project is subject to temperatures below freezing during the winter months, the lagoon can be transformed for skating and other winter recreational purposes.  

Mr. Fishmann and Crystal Lagoons have created and operate or are in the process of creating lagoons for real estate developments around the globe.  The applications are not just for real estate developments.  Lagoons can be used to provide cooling water for industrial purposes of many types.  The applications are endless.