iStock_000007849551SmallNow that The Ohio State Buckeyes have won the National Championship and proven that we in Ohio ARE the best in college football, it made me think about what else we do great in Ohio:

  1. We are the Mother of Presidents. More of our country’s presidents come from Ohio than any other state. William Henry Harrison, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William H. Taft, and Warren Harding – eight in all.
  2. We make great beer. Great Lakes Brewing Company, Mad Tree Brewing Company, Rhinegeist Brewery, Christian Moerlein, Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, Hoppin Frog Brewery and Jackie-O’s are some great Ohio-brewed beers I have tasted (ok, I know, I never just taste beer). We also are home to Hudy Light and Little Kings, and no other state can say that!
  3. An inordinate number of great businesses are headquartered here. Macy’s, Procter & Gamble, Kahn’s, Kroger, IMG, Wendy’s, the Limited, Nationwide Insurance, Jo-Ann Stores, Goodyear, Owens Corning, among others. All important multi-national business. All headquartered in Ohio.
  4. We have the greatest coaches. Urban Meyer, Bobby Knight, Chuck Noll, the Harbaugh brothers (even if one of them now coaches at that school up north), Don Shula, Jon Gruden, Ara Parseghian, Don Zimmer, Branch Rickey – just to name a few – all from Ohio. Clearly, if you want to be a great coach someday, you better move to Ohio quick.
  5. We have truly great restaurants. Boca in Cincinnati may be as good a restaurant as any you will find anywhere in America. And any one of Cameron Mitchell’s restaurants in Columbus will be awesome. (The Pearl may be my favorite – besides incredible food they serve little Miller High Lifes with their Bloody Mary.) In Cleveland, I like Lola and Fahrenheit, but there are obviously a number of other world-class restaurants. And don’t forget the world famous Pine Club in Dayton. On a per capita basis, we have more great restaurants in Ohio than anywhere else.
  6. Professional sports is practically centered in Ohio. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Ohio, the first professional night baseball game was played in Ohio, the Big Red Machine was the best pro baseball team in history, and of course Paul Brown, the father of professional football, and Lebron James, the greatest basketball player ever, are from Ohio.
  7. We have the largest mound. The Miamisburg Indian Mound, is a perfect cone shaped mound. At 65 feet high, it is the largest in the United States. So we got that going for us.
  8. We are home base for Ulmer & Berne. One of the greatest law firms in the entire world has headquarters in Cleveland with offices in Cincinnati and Columbus (and Chicago, Illinois –our Ohio qualities must have rubbed off there because our Chicago office is really good too).

I know there are a number of other things great about Ohio. But you had to be proud of Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. Incredible performance and incredible achievement.