Denice Hertlein, CPA Clark Schaefer Hackett

Denice Hertlein, CPA
Clark Schaefer Hackett

Thank you to our friend Denice Hertlein of Clark Schaefer Hackett for insightful comments relating to Ohio House Bill 371 which has the potential to place more requirements on condomninium associations and their officers and managers. Being volunter organizations, House Bill 371 has the potential to deter active participation by owners in condomiminium associations by requiring new record keeping and procedural requirements on associations. While lawyers generally love more regualtion and procedural requirements, I am not sure that the issues House Bill 371 is intended to address are so pervasive that additional legislation is necessary. If you live in, manage, develop or finance condominiums you are advised to follow House Bill 371 and speak with your state representatives.