Kadish_CMYKThe ICSC Walapalooza starts this weekend in Vegas. The sheer number of people converging in one place and the talent level of them is staggering. And of course it is all hard work! I’m hoping to get a couple free minutes to meet with some of my favorite clients:

Steiner + Associates – and their new Liberty Center. Anne Mastin has done an amazing job for this Center scheduled to open October 8. She is always a couple steps ahead of me. Steve Hardy is a very entertaining leasing agent and he does great work. Add Scott Fox and Jody House to the mix and work ends up being fun.

Metropica – and their new center in Sunrise, Florida. Just got a flurry of leases signed on the eve of Vegas. Sandie Witmer worked overtime. Sandie may be one of the nicest people I have ever met. And under the stress of getting the leases done in time, she was able to remain nice (a nice counterbalance to me).

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurants – several new locations. They have pretty good wine, and I admit I am a wine snob. And Ron Dee will fool you – he is quietly very funny.

Jo-Ann Stores – long-time client. Kevin Beegle has done a boat load of leases for them. Tony Carosello will break your legs if you don’t cave on lease issues. Not sure if Matt Senra will come with them, but get this – I saw Matt Senra eat blood marrow. Not even kidding.

Core Resources – my oldest, very first, client. Paul Kitzmiller has been a client and friend since 1987 – unbelievably talented guy. David Kitzmiller may be the most solid guy I know. (They bought me a filet mignon dinner at the Bellagio last year just so I would say nice things about them.)

Tilted Kilt – Sean Cahill. Fun concept with explosive growth. This should be a fun engagement.

Matchbox – a relatively new client. Just met Harvey Metro and Peter D’Amelio at their first location in Washington D.C. Great concept- great guys.

New City – new urban center in Chicago. Very cool project. Great line up of tenants in a great location. It has been fun to work with Marci Carl and grand opening in Chi town will be a blast.

I am looking forward to seeing all of these folks, plus numerous other friends.