The Classic Grilled Cheese Donut

I am attending the Tom + Chee franchisee convention to explain how we can help the franchisees in securing satisfactory leases for their new locations. Tom + Chee is a fast growing franchise with approximately 40 stores open. There should be one near you or coming to a location near you. Tom + Chee obviously has great tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (where their name, Tom and Chee, comes from). But they also have a grilled cheese donut which is worth the price of admission. Trust me – you will become addicted at first bite.

Even if you have never been to a Tom + Chee, you might have seen them on Shark Tank where they were successful in obtaining investment funds from a shark.

We represent the Franchisor as leasing counsel. Where the franchisee has its own legal counsel, we review the leases on behalf of the Franchisor before the franchisee can execute the Lease, and bill a small fee to the franchisee for that service. In that case, the franchisee pays us for Franchisor review and pays its own attorney for franchisee review. Alternatively, we will negotiate the lease for the franchisee and bill the franchisee one single reduced rate for both services. We are glad to provide this benefit to the franchisees because… well, because I love grilled cheese donuts.