thU2E8KRAHAs 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to make resolutions and to consider what is trending.

My resolution is to eat better – more of a plant based diet with less processed foods. It’s either that or buy a new wardrobe. I just need someone to invent a plant based donut (that still tastes like a donut).

Here is my personal list of what’s trending for 2016 (disclaimer: it does not represent the views of Ulmer & Berne or any client).

HOT: Chef inspired fast casual restaurants  |  NOT: E-coli at fast food restaurants

HOT: Uber  |  NOT: Driving under the influence

HOT: Pop Ups  |  NOT: Bankruptcies

HOT: Pop Tarts  |  NOT: Hot Pockets

HOT: Kendra Scott  |  NOT: Rubber charity bracelets

HOT: Urban living  |  NOT: Urban grocery stores

HOT: Dollar Shave Club  | NOT: Facial hair

HOT: Netflix  | NOT: Red Box

HOT: Immigration reform  | NOT: Bigotry

HOT: Sea to table dining options (true catch of the day)  |  NOT: Easy Cheese (Cheese Whiz)

HOT: Orin Swift Location Wines  | NOT: White Zinfandel

HOT: Protein shakes  |  NOT: Buffets

HOT: Local retailers  |  NOT: Retail mergers

HOT: Boston Red Sox  |  NOT: Cincinnati Reds