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Potential Effect of Climate Change Regulation on Real Estate Development

Posted in Air Quality Issues, Environmental Issues, Tax Credit Issues
Recent activity in Washington, D.C. suggests that the federal government is moving one step closer to regulating greenhouse gas emissions.  US EPA has determined that greenhouse gas emissions are pollutants that endanger the public’s health and welfare.  US EPA’s endangerment finding could lead to regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.  Alternatively,… Continue Reading

Financing for LEED-Certified Buildings

Posted in Air Quality Issues, Environmental Issues, Finance Issues
If you are building new or renovating an existing building, you may have considered trying to obtain LEED certification for your project but decided after analyzing the cost that it was not within your budget. Well now, thanks to the Ohio Bipartisan Job Stimulus Plan (HB 554), LEED-certified projects may be eligible to receive funding. A little-known… Continue Reading