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Dennis Lane would have liked this.  In fact, he would have liked this on at least two fronts. 

First, with an avid love of the water, biking and outdoor activities, Dennis would have appreciated what’s going on in downtown Cleveland along the banks of the Cuyahoga River just south of Collision Bend.  As


As the construction industry starts to rebound from a down market, rentals of project equipment are on the rise. Whether you are an owner, principal contractor, or specialty trade subcontractor, you may very well be renting equipment for use on an upcoming project. Here are five important points to bear in mind:

Technology has revolutionized our practice.  Faxes used to be the greatest thing ever, and we have moved way past faxes in the last 10 years.  Technology will continue to evolve. My wish list:

1.    Phones as we know them are eliminated. All phone calls will be video calls over the computer, screen to screen

Internet/mobile advertising company, Adzookie, is offering to paint your home and pay your mortgage if you keep your house wrapped in their ad.  Not a new idea, but this one will get much more attention for less marketing dollars than the cost of a traditional advertising campaign.  

Any reason this concept will not work

Recently, representatives from our firm were invited to meet with and participate in executive level meetings at Cisco Systems headquarters in San Jose, California.  We thought we were going to spend two days playing with top secret tech toys which are being developed behind darkened windows and screens.  Although we did see some really innovative

The Associated General Contractors of America’s and Navigant’s recent industry-wide survey "Finds More Construction Firms Plan to Hire than Lay Off in 2011."  Read the AGC article with more links to state-specific data for the industry-wide Survey.  Included are numbers for Illinois and Ohio.  Survey results in both Illinois and Ohio indicate that the construction market should begin to grow again