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Dennis Would Have Liked This

Posted in General Business Issues
  Dennis Lane would have liked this.  In fact, he would have liked this on at least two fronts.  First, with an avid love of the water, biking and outdoor activities, Dennis would have appreciated what’s going on in downtown Cleveland along the banks of the Cuyahoga River just south of Collision Bend.  As seen… Continue Reading

Five Points to Consider When Leasing Construction Equipment

Posted in Construction Related Issues, General Business Issues, General Legal Issues, Leasing Issues
    As the construction industry starts to rebound from a down market, rentals of project equipment are on the rise. Whether you are an owner, principal contractor, or specialty trade subcontractor, you may very well be renting equipment for use on an upcoming project. Here are five important points to bear in mind:  … Continue Reading

Embrace Change

Posted in General Business Issues
As 2011 winds down and 2012 ramps up, I wanted to share with our readers the following thoughts from Seth Godin which he wrote on his blog recently: Unexpected turbulence Is there really any other kind? If we see turbulence coming, we tend to avoid it. The art is in knowing that turbulence might come… Continue Reading

Co-Working Office Space

Posted in Development Issues, General Business Issues, Leasing Issues, Office/Industrial Issues
As more workers and entrepreneurs are requiring space to hold meetings and appointments outside the company office, there is a growing need for locations away from homes in which to "plug in", make phone calls without the background music and noise of a Starbucks or other such cafe. The industry which addresses this need is referred… Continue Reading

Gorilla Marketing Hits Real Estate

Posted in General Business Issues
Internet/mobile advertising company, Adzookie, is offering to paint your home and pay your mortgage if you keep your house wrapped in their ad.  Not a new idea, but this one will get much more attention for less marketing dollars than the cost of a traditional advertising campaign.   Any reason this concept will not work for… Continue Reading

Does Your Organization Have A VSE ?

Posted in General Business Issues
Recently, representatives from our firm were invited to meet with and participate in executive level meetings at Cisco Systems headquarters in San Jose, California.  We thought we were going to spend two days playing with top secret tech toys which are being developed behind darkened windows and screens.  Although we did see some really innovative… Continue Reading

Optimists Unite!

Posted in Construction Related Issues, General Business Issues
The Associated General Contractors of America’s and Navigant’s recent industry-wide survey "Finds More Construction Firms Plan to Hire than Lay Off in 2011."  Read the AGC article with more links to state-specific data for the industry-wide Survey.  Included are numbers for Illinois and Ohio.  Survey results in both Illinois and Ohio indicate that the construction market should begin to grow again in… Continue Reading

2011: Year of the Hotel ?

Posted in Conveyancing, General Business Issues
Jones Lang LaSalle seems to think so.  We hope that they are right.  As reported by Bloomberg JLL is forecasting a 25% increase in hotel/hospitality industry activity in the 2011.  The drivers are REIT money and foreign investors looking for investments which can still be acquired at reasonable discounts while the U.S. economy recovers from its… Continue Reading

Sales Tax Alert

Posted in General Business Issues, Legislative Update, Property Management Issues, Tax Issues
The Ohio Department of Taxation has been enforcing the obligation to pay sales taxes by contractors and property managers for services received when the invoices do not separately identify sales tax as a specific line item.  Look at all of the invoices received for any services contracted for and make sure that sales taxes are separately… Continue Reading

Take Control !

Posted in General Business Issues
We have made a concerted effort in this Blog to keep on message for the Real Estate, Retail, Finance and Construction industries.  However, periodically we see the need to go off topic. Lately the flow of unwanted email has become so outrageous that I and several of my partners are actively UN SUBSCRIBING from these… Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location !

Posted in General Business Issues
 Recently, Crain’s Chicago Business  published an article about Vienna Beef’s Hot Dog University.  Given the continued state of the commercial real estate industry many of our colleagues have had to "look" for new opportunities.  Hot Dog U struck me as just about the most entrepreneurial idea I have seen in a long time.  All of the… Continue Reading

Legal Certainty

Posted in General Business Issues, General Legal Issues
Long before ‘billable hour" accounting became the norm in law firms, lawyers would price projects based upon what was fair to both the client and the lawyer.  That is not to say that billings based on time is unfair, only that it can be unpredictable.  Billable hour accounting dictates accountability which is and will remain… Continue Reading

We Are All Our Brother & Sister’s Keeper (Lessons of Right & Wrong)

Posted in Ethical Issues, General Business Issues, Retail Industry Issues
Our good friend, Abe Schear, Chairman of the Leasing Practice Group at Arnall Golden Gregory in Atlanta, pens a newsletter called Baseball Digest(able).    Abe’s January issue is a powerful piece of insightful writing which merits all of our attention.   Since many of the deals in the real estate industry occur as a result… Continue Reading