Earlier this fall, the National Park Service celebrated the 35th anniversary of the popular Federal Preservation Tax Incentives Program, which has helped in the preservation of historic structures across the U.S. and particularly in Ohio with its wealth of historic buildings. Because of the program’s numerous possible benefits and its important role in fueling

Amendments to FIRPTA through H.R. 2870 (also known as the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 2013) are being proposed in Congress and if approved by the President should increase foreign capital invested in U.S. Reits.  H.R.2870 will permit the foreign ownership threshold of REITs subject to FIRPTA to increase from 5% to 10%. 

Recently, the Yellow Springs Village Council voted to adopt a “Community Bill of Rights” ordinance banning shale gas drilling and related activities in the village. The Bill of Rights declares the fundamental rights of residents to clean air and water, and to protect the rights of nature. 

Yellow Springs is the first municipality

Ohio and Kentucky statutes require residential builders to provide certain notice to home buyers.  While there is no new law on this, the construction attorneys of Ulmer & Berne LLP have seen this issue come to light many times this past year; thus, prompting this refresher alert on Ohio and Kentucky notice statutes.

Both Ohio and


New rules promulgated under Ohio’s Public Construction Reform (the “Reform”) have been released by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.  The new rules include:   (1) Rules for Prequalification of Prospective Bidders on Subcontracts; (2) Rules for Best Value Selection of Construction Manager and Design-Build firms; and (3) Rules for the Form

Commencing January 1, 2012, legal, real estate and insurance professionals will be required to advise clients of KRS 381.280 which creates a forfeiture of property rights for the taking of the life of a party in interest to the same prior to such parties executing deeds and other documents in question. It works like this:

The Ohio Legislature passed House Bill 153 on May 5, 2011. H.B. 153—a budget bill—which includes significant changes for Ohio’s public construction projects. Some changes will become effective on September 28, 2011, but others are forecast to become effective in early 2012. As such, we will have to wait a while longer to experience the full effect