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Cuyahoga County’s New Land Bank – A Step Toward a “Sustainable Cleveland”

Posted in Finance Issues, Legislative Update
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland recently signed legislation creating a new “land bank” in Cuyahoga County. Like a dose of cold medicine, Senate Bill 353 is not a cure for the foreclosure crisis, but it should help solve one of its primary symptoms – abandoned and vacant housing.  More than… Continue Reading

Ohio’s Foreclosure Prevention Task Force – Mission Accomplished?

Posted in Finance Issues, Legislative Update, Litigation Issues
 In March 2007, Governor Strickland created the “Ohio Foreclosure Prevention Task Force” to address the ever-increasing number of foreclosures plaguing the state. The group’s final report, issued in September 2007, identified 27 recommendations for state action. Since the rise in foreclosures likely won’t be going away anytime soon, perhaps it’s appropriate to take stock of Ohio’s progress… Continue Reading