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Mission Possible: Combining HUD Construction Financing with Historic Tax Credits

Posted in Construction Related Issues, Finance Issues, Tax Credit Issues
Combining HUD-insured multifamily construction financing (like Section 221(d)(4) loans) with historic tax credits (“HTC”) can seem like an impossible feat given their respective mazes of rules and requirements. Notwithstanding, each are valuable sources of capital for developing multifamily projects, and, if you can manage through those mazes, HUD financing and HTCs can be successfully combined.… Continue Reading

Another Thought On SNDAs.

Posted in Finance Issues, Leasing Issues
When representing a tenant, I always want an SNDA so that if the landlord defaults on its mortgage my client is assured that it can remain in the space as long as there are no tenant defaults.  When representing a landlord, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get lenders to make any change to… Continue Reading