As methods of delivering information continue to evolve, we at Ulmer & Berne notice that more and more of our clients and contacts are actively doing business in an “on-line” environment. The tools of the Web 2.0 world of social networking and blogs of every type and nature have created a connectivity of people and a sharing of information never before witnessed. These tools have made a large world smaller and more manageable.

The Real Estate Advisor Law Blog (get it REAL) is written to disseminate pertinent information in a timely manner relating to real estate, construction, financing, environmental and related matters.  From time to time we will write about other issues we think those in the real estate, construction, design and finance industries have an interest in or should be aware of.  Our posts will be concise articles written to identify trends and opportunities that our clients and contacts deem important for their businesses.  We know that your time is valuable and if we are fortunate enough to have your attention for a few minutes a week while reading a blog post we want you to come away with an idea or tool which will translate into making you more effective, profitable and successful.

 Ulmer & Berne is uniquely situated with offices throughout the Mid West and with one of the top real estate law practices in the Mid West. Our attorneys see trends developing from local, regional, national and international perspectives.  We hope that by us sharing our thoughts with you we will demonstrate to our clients and contacts that we have "skin in the game" just as they do. 

The Real Estate Advisor Law Blog is now open for business! You can receive the new blog posts directly by subscribing through your RSS reader, email or just bookmark this page and visit us periodically.  Thanks for visiting us and make sure you leave us your comments from time to time on your thoughts relating to the blog posts which will be published here.