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Cincinnati – the Center of Retail Development in America?

Posted in Retail Industry Issues
I just attended a CREW presentation which was entitled “New Retail Trends and Addressing Consumer Demands.” However, the presentation was actually about three high profile retail projects all located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and, it included three high profile developers, at least one of whom (depending upon who you asked) is also extremely talented. Mark Fallon… Continue Reading

New Market Means New Legal Issues

Posted in Development Issues, Real Estate Tools
 Thank you to Realtor Magazine: Online   for the wonderful article written by Mariwyn Evans about the new and unique challenges the real estate industry is addressing during the current economic times.  I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Mariwyn for the article which you can read by following this link.  The article touches on… Continue Reading

Welcome: We Are Open for Business !

Posted in Administrative Matters
As methods of delivering information continue to evolve, we at Ulmer & Berne notice that more and more of our clients and contacts are actively doing business in an “on-line” environment. The tools of the Web 2.0 world of social networking and blogs of every type and nature have created a connectivity of people and… Continue Reading