The ICSC Law Conference is being held this week in Phoenix. It alternates from the West  to the East each year – this year it’s out West. It is a great conference for any attorney practicing in the retail real estate industry.  Here are the top 10 reasons for attending:

10.    There is a seminar on negotiating skills, which is really a seminar on how to listen – a skill we all need to improve.


9.    It is always at a beautiful resort.


8.    Arnold Golden Gregory has a party.  So Abe Schear is buying you drinks.


7.    There are seminars on insurance coverage in retail leases. I firmly believe that if you really understand how insurance and indemnity work together in a lease, you can win every issue.


6.    Easy way to socialize with clients.


5.   There is always a great featured speaker. Might be a nationally known celebrity, or an insightful national commentator.


4.    Most opposing attorneys will be there and so you can negotiate face to face on pending leases (while not being pressured to turn around a draft immediately since everyone understands you are at ICSC and thus unable to do so).


3.    You get CLE – lots of it.


2.    There are small interactive seminars where you will learn useful information.


1.    And the number one reason to attend is that you can meet in person opposing attorneys with whom you are doing leases.  It is then much harder for that attorney to be obnoxious and difficult after you have met them face to face. 


It really is the chance to meet people you are working with in person in a relaxed setting that is the biggest benefit.


Hope to see you there !