Victorian men celebrating with champagneI just attended the ICSC Law conference in Orlando where I led, along with Maggie Sitko of Sitko Bruno in Pittsburgh,  a seminar on letters of intent. Leasing attorneys all appear to be busy and the numbers reflect that as the conference attracted an all-time high attendance.  This is what I learned at the conference:

  1. Consequential damages may not include lost profits in some jurisdictions.
  2. A party to a letter of intent may have an estoppel claim even though the letter of intent provides it is not binding.
  3. The marketing gift of choice is a portable phone charger embossed with the firm logo.
  4. If you provide open bar at night and on-site Starbucks in the morning, every leasing attorney in America will show up to the seminar.
  5. The leasing law conference includes sessions on ethics. Who would have guessed?
  6. The restaurant sector is driving development.
  7. A “license” can really be a lease but it may be a psychological advantage for the landlord/licensor to call it a license anyway.
  8. A retailer needs liquidated damages for any important lease provision other than maintenance.
  9. People (not I) actually pay for and eat blood marrow at a restaurant.

The ICSC law conference is always great for content and networking.  Already looking forward to next year in Phoenix.