A beta version of Cuyahoga County’s property information website called MyPlace is now up and running.

There is no need to separately search the webpages of the county recorder and county auditor (two divisions of the County Fiscal Office) in order to obtain property information in Cuyahoga County.  Now, all information is available in one location including:

An aerial map which zooms in on the property when you enter its parcel number.

  • The name and address of the owner.
  • Information regarding zoning and land use.
  • The number of units for apartment buildings.
  • A transfer history going back at least 40 years with information on sales price (when reported).
  • Links to the actual images of recorded documents.
  • Information on Board of Revision cases challenging the tax value of the property.
  • Square footage and use information for each floor of the building.
  • Information regarding permits issued.
  • The ability to view and print the current tax bill.

You can search by the owner’s name, parcel number or address.  This one stop shop for Cuyahoga County property records is a great improvement over the former multi-site method of gathering real estate records.   As the classic 1972 Alka Seltzer commercial said, “Try it, you’ll like it.”