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Most Expensive Real Estate

Posted in International
Business Insider  recently published the 4th Quarter 2011 list of the cities with the most expensive real estate (follow the link to see the article). The chart is below.  The list quickly underscores what an affordable environment in which we live and work in the United States.    … Continue Reading

Yes, The U.S. Immigration Laws Apply to the Real Estate Industry

Posted in International, Legislative Update
The federal government recently announced several changes to U.S. immigration legislation. Two key topics involve increased enforcement efforts of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and changes in request for prevailing wage procedures.  Preparing for an I-9 Audit or Inspection Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has significantly increased its enforcement efforts with respect to undocumented workers and… Continue Reading

Chinese Money coming in for U.S. Real Estate?

Posted in Finance Issues, International
Recently, the news about the $300 billion China Investment Corp. (“CIC”) invested an additional $500 million in Blackstone’s Fund-of-Funds unit and earmarked about $800 million for investing in a Morgan Stanley Global Property Fund has stirred up another round of excited discussions about China’s money pouring into the U.S. Lately, the Wall Street Journal reported that… Continue Reading

Congress Introduces Chinese Drywall Legislation

Posted in Construction Related Issues, International, Legislative Update
Congress has recently introduced a number of measures in response to the problems caused by defective drywall imported from China. Both the House and Senate introduced identical bills titled the Drywall Safety Act of 2009 (H.R. 1977; S. 739), which, if enacted, would require the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Counsel to study at least ten samples… Continue Reading

Introduction to China’s Real Estate Ownership System

Posted in Development Issues, International
In the past 20 years or so, China’s real estate market has experienced phenomenal growth. Hundreds of skyscrapers bursted into the sky during the two decades and many more are coming. This dramatically changed the landscape of many cities in China. All these skyscrapers and other real estate developments are built on a unique land ownership system. The system… Continue Reading