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New Real Estate Selling Tools

Posted in Real Estate Tools
Unmanned drones have been in the news lately.  First we saw them used in national security situations outside the United States.  Recently, there has been debate relating to the use of unmanned drones as a law enforcement and national security tool within the United States.  What about a less sinister use as a selling tool for… Continue Reading

Risk Appetite: One Perspective from Chicago

Posted in Condominiums, Development Issues recently interviewed Alan Lev, CEO of Belgravia Group.  Alan discusses his company’s recent performance and strategies in this challenging market and his thoughts on the future of the Chicago residential real estate market and its ability to absorb the current inventories. What struck me as insightful and telling are Alan’s insights (at the video… Continue Reading

Introduction to China’s Real Estate Ownership System

Posted in Development Issues, International
In the past 20 years or so, China’s real estate market has experienced phenomenal growth. Hundreds of skyscrapers bursted into the sky during the two decades and many more are coming. This dramatically changed the landscape of many cities in China. All these skyscrapers and other real estate developments are built on a unique land ownership system. The system… Continue Reading