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Financing Renewable Energy: Protect the Planet, Boost your ROI

Posted in Green Energy Issues
Protecting this planet’s natural resources for future generations is a moral obligation; unfortunately, moral obligations do not pay the bills.  Coal is a nonrenewable resource that causes pollution. But it’s cheap. Renewable energy is often a more expensive alternative to using coal, oil, or natural gas to produce energy. Recognizing that renewable energy must be financially viable for individuals… Continue Reading

ODOD Announces Start of “Making Efficiency Work” Funding

Posted in Green Energy Issues, Legislative Update
The Ohio Department of Development has announced the availability of $8,000,000 in grant funding for qualifying energy efficiency projects undertaken at existing multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings. The goal of the program is to encourage the installation of energy efficiency equipment that will measurably improve the energy efficiency of existing multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings. The program… Continue Reading

A Fuel Cell for the Rest of US

Posted in Environmental Issues, Green Energy Issues, Property Management Issues
Recently, 60 Minutes aired a story about Bloom Energy, a Silicon Valley  alternative energy start-up, which has developed fuel cell technology capable of taking us off of the electrical grid.  The video speaks for itself so watch it below.  As you watch it, think about how technology such as this will transform the real estate industry.  Besides… Continue Reading